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With energy requirements and cost continuing to rise, many Britons are doing all they can to reduce their use and save money.

A micro CHP boiler could be the ideal solution for many households and is an affordable, efficient and easy to install way to cut consumption and cost.

The technology of a micro combined heat and power boiler (micro CHP boiler) works on a dual energy system, meaning it not only provides highly efficient central heating and hot water but also generates electricity.

This electricity can then be used in the home so you require less from your supplier, and any excess can be sold back to the grid.

Together, these benefits mean micro CHP boilers can save money and reduce carbon footprints.

It really can pay to have a dual energy system like a micro CHP boiler fitted. Households could save up to £600 on their annual bills and benefit from payments under the government’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) scheme.

Electricity suppliers will pay 10p for every kWh generated, and 3p for every kWh exported back to the grid.

This means long-term savings can be made, and installing a micro CHP boiler should be no more expensive or difficult than fitting a new conventional system. Most households can use a micro CHP boiler as they are fitted and operated in much the same way as traditional boilers.

They should only be installed by certified experts under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme to ensure you are eligible for the FIT payments.

Many other countries are already benefiting from micro CHP technology: in Denmark, it accounts for 55% of all electricity generation, so it is surely time the UK caught up and began making the most of this efficient method of energy generation.


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