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A domestic CHP system is a great way to save energy and money in the home and can contribute to global carbon savings.

Combined heat and power (CHP), also known as co-generation, is an incredibly efficient technology that makes use of the heat created as a by-product of electricity generation.

This heat is normally wasted but our systems can utilise it, and the electricity. They can be designed to use traditional fossil fuels or alternative energy forms such as biomass, biogas or hydrogen, which make them even more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Domestic CHP units work much the same as a gas central heating boiler and can be installed in most properties. The technology has long been used in industrial applications and is now becoming more popular and affordable among homeowners.

It is an ideal choice as it works at full capacity while operational, so energy production is incredibly efficient, and can give energy savings of up to 40% compared to getting electricity and heat in conventional manners from power stations and gas boilers.

Domestic CHP systems can reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of a typical house by around 1.5 tonnes and can save homeowners around £150 per year. Electricity providers pay for any surplus energy, meaning there may be money to be made if you do not use all that is created.

It should be remembered that because CHP systems generate heat and electricity at the same time, you get a lot of both whether needed or not. This does mean that excess electricity can be sold back to the grid, but if more electricity is needed than heat there may still be some waste.

The appliances need servicing several times a year and can be expensive to fit, but the
environmental and financial benefits can be significant and long-lasting, so domestic CHP systems are a viable option for many households.




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