What is Micro CHP?

Micro CHP, or micro combined heat and power in full, is a system that has been
designed for homes and small offices as an alternative to traditional gas boilers.

It looks like a normal gas combination boiler that produces heat but it also has a ”Stirling Engine” that generates electricity at the same time, making it a great way to save on energy and reduce bills.

The Baxi Ecogen is one type of micro CHP boiler and can produce up to 1 kWe of electricity each hour. This can be used as with electricity that comes from the grid, or sold back to the grid if it is not needed. Micro CHP systems are also eligible for the government’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) scheme, meaning owners can receive 13p on top of the sale price for each Kwh of electricity they sell back to the grid.

There are many benefits to a micro CHP system, not least the potential for saving money.
It could be possible for homeowners to save around £600 a year. Furthermore, household carbon dioxide emissions could be reduced by up to 40%.

Installing a micro CHP system is usually no more expensive or difficult than fitting a regular boiler, and maintenance and servicing should follow a similar pattern too. They can be used in most homes and occupy the space usually taken by a conventional boiler.

The Baxi Ecogen is a Stirling engine micro CHP unit, and other types include fuel cell,
and Organic Rankine Cycle systems from various manufacturers.

To ensure a micro CHP unit is eligible for the FIT scheme and continues to work
efficiently it should be installed and maintained by a certified engineer.

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