The Benefits of Micro CHP

Micro CHP, or micro combined heat and power systems, are a way to heat homes and small offices and generate electricity at the same time.

Using the same energy source, whether that is mains gas or LPG, or even renewable sources, micro CHP systems create heat as the main form of energy, with some electricity produced as a useful by-product at a ratio of around 6:1. This is in contrast to many conventional electricity generators that also produce heat that is lost to the system.

This means that micro CHP has many benefits to homeowners and those running small office buildings or shops:

1 Electricity is generated as a by-product of heat – whenever the micro CHP system is in use for warming the property, electricity is also created for use on-site or to be sold back to the grid.

2 Carbon is saved – carbon dioxide production could be lower compared to buying electricity from the grid and using a conventional boiler for heating and hot water.

3 An income can be earned – micro CHP systems are eligible for the government’s Feed-In Tariff schemes, meaning you could earn money for generating electricity. Currently, 10.5p is paid for each kWh of electricity generated, and 3.1p for each kWh exported back to the grid.
4  Installing the system is easy – micro CHP systems are similar in terms of fitting and space requirements to traditional boilers. Installers must be approved under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme.

5 Servicing costs and maintenance are low – it should not cost any more to run a micro CHP system, although a specialist will be required to carry out any work.

Micro CHP systems are considered low carbon technology as they are more efficient than burning fossil fuel for heating and then buying electricity off the grid.

Typically, a domestic micro CHP system will generate up to 1kW of electricity once warmed up and is more than adequate to provide heating and hot water for a household.

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