Micro CHP industry welcomes government support

The micro CHP industry has welcomed a statement in Parliament by the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, pointing out the importance of the sector.

Industry body the Combined Heat and Power Association (CHPA), which represents several micro CHP developers and distributors, was pleased with Greg Barkers response to a question from Don Valley MP Caroline Flint.

Ms Flint raised a debate in Parliament, calling on the energy and climate change secretary to “make a statement on the Government’s proposals to reform feed-in tariffs” .

In his response to the wider issues then raised, Mr Barker said: “The danger was that solar, which was already taking more than 90% of the feed-in tariff budget, would take the whole lot.

“There are a lot of other micro-technologies out there that I want to see supported, such as micro-hydro, micro-combined heat and power, small-scale wind and small-scale biomass technologies.”

He pointed out that the different technologies need to come into the system and should be given fair funding.

Comprehensive reviews will ensure the support for other tariffs is considered and the Government “may even consider raising them where they act as an insufficient incentive to bring on those other technologies”, Mr Barker continued.

Ian Manders, deputy director of the CHPA, welcomed the debate and said Mr Barker “went out of his way” to mention other energy technologies which should be supported.

“The industry welcomes such positive statements and is confident that, with the right support, it can develop microCHP into an important contributor to the UK’s efforts to cut carbon emissions,” he commented.

After solar panels, micro CHP is the only micro-generation technology in the Feed-in Tariffs scheme that can be easily installed in most homes.

A micro CHP unit generates both heat and power and can be fitted in place of a conventional gas boiler, reducing carbon emissions.

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